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Komo Store Kona Coffee


Every time I visit the Big Island of Hawaii, I buy fresh Kona coffee.  I love driving through Holualoa and Captain Cook, where you can buy freshly roasted coffee right from the coffee groves and roasting companies.  There is a lot of good coffee to choose from in the Kona region, but my favorite coffee from a recent Big Island trip came from the Komo Store.


The Komo Store is a small, old, general store in Holualoa.  It’s a Mom and Pop shop that has been there for around 100 years.  Mom was manning the register there when we visited.

In the old days, they apparently accepted coffee beans as barter payment, but these days, they grow, roast, and sell their own “estate” coffee.  Unlike most other coffee companies in the area, Komo Store has no tasting setup, no tour, no brochures, no pretense.  They just roast and sell excellent coffee along side their general provisions.  And the coffee is indeed excellent.

Highly recommended!

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