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What Am I Doing Now?

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2024 - (What is a now page?)

I’m updating my company and game web sites in prep for the Game Developers Conference. I don’t update them often enough, and now they’re stuck on Gatsby v3, as Gatsby 4 and 5 have breaking changes.

I played Palworld for a little bit, and liked it. I think the Pokemon-like mechanics help make the survival gameplay very approachable. I’m not sure if I’ll keep playing though, as I don’t feel up for a deep dive into yet another survival game (and I’ve played plenty of Pokemon).

I finally retired my EdgeRouter-X in favor of the new Unifi UXG-Lite. Migration was a mild pain, but I love seeing all of my network and stats on a single dashboard now. And the router is way faster. Installing the companion WiFiman app on mobile is a must.

After trying different switches in my GMK67 keyboard, I found that I liked the Princess Tactile 48g the best. I’m realizing that I like different types of switches in different boards, for different reasons (gaming, typing, etc.)