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The reason I can't type well on the iPad anymore seems to be that I type too fast. iOS 10 detects a quick two-finger tap on the keyboard as meaning "select the last word." I accidentally trigger this all the time, resulting in deleted and overwritten words.
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Foscam makes affordable IP Cams with good quality hardware. It's a shame that their web configuration requires an unsecure, buggy browser plugin. It's 2017. Requiring a plugin is inexcusable. Avoid Foscam until they change this.
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I've had a MacBook Pro with the touch bar for 4 months now. The touch bar almost a non-feature for me, as 95% of the time I use the laptop with an external mouse, keyboard, and monitor. I'll bet most "pros" have a similar setup.
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iOS generally assumes that Cel connections are low-bandwidth, and WiFi is unlimited bandwidth. But this assumption is often incorrect, particularly with mobile hotspots. I wish iOS had a way to manually impose a low-bandwidth mode.
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Was wondering why audio quality sounded awful after macOS Sierra upgrade. Turns out the bitrate/freq settings for my USB audio DAC were changed from 24-bit/96kHz to 16-bit/8kHz(!). Easily fixed via the Audio MIDI Setup app in Utilities.
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It takes a ton of effort to train the Google News and Apple News apps to stop serving clickbait and junk/fake news. Apple even serves junk in the unhideable "Trending Stories" section. It appears easier to trick an algorithm than train one.
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Favorite iOS Photo Apps

I love taking RAW photos with my Olympus PEN and processing them with Capture One Pro. Like many people, however, my ever present pocket camera is my iPhone, and there are countless photo processing and editing apps available. I've settled on a handful of apps that I use, with the goal of being to g... read more →

Checking iTunes Remote

I have an Apple Airport Express unit attached my stereo system, and I use the iTunes Remote app on my iPad to play music that is stored in iTunes on a Mac mini. This usually works great, but I noticed a problem after cleaning up my music library: some albums would not play all of their tracks in seq... read more →

Polishing Frets on a Howard Roberts

I hit upon a lucky eBay find, and managed to acquire a mid-1990's Korean-made Epiphone Howard Roberts for a great price.  It's a terrific jazz box, and is really fun to play.  As with many older guitars, the frets were tarnished and dull, so I decided to polish them using the Dremel tech... read more →

Pseudo Tansu

I built a custom Tansu-style TV stand for my Pioneer Kuro plasma and PMC LB1 center channel speaker.  The speaker is so large I had almost no choice but to make a custom stand.  I also used this as an opportunity to teach myself some woodworking skills. This is not a real Tansu, and I'... read more →

De-rattling an Intelli Guitar Tuner

Soon after buying my Breedlove acoustic guitar, I decided to buy a clip-on tuner.  There are many clip-on tuners available at all price ranges, and they all basically work the same way.  They pick up the vibration of the strings through the guitar body and neck, and display the current pit... read more →

Dust Control in the Garage Workshop

After years of sweeping and dusting and dozens of disposable air filter masks, I’m finally taking dust control seriously in my garage workshop. Dust control starts at the tool with a vacuum system, but it ends in the air.  No matter how well I gathered chips and dust while working on a piece... read more →

Etymotic Isolated Listening

For the past five years I’ve been using Etymotic ER6i Isolator earphones.  I’ve used them with my original 2nd gen iPod, my iPod nano, and now my iPhone 3G.  Unlike the standard Apple earbuds, the Etys are in-ear earphones, which means that they also act as earplugs, isolating outside ... read more →

Raising the Aeron

Almost every high-tech startup in the Bay Area outfits their office with Herman Miller Aeron chairs.  And as some of the startups inevitably go out of business, the Aeron chairs hit the surplus office supply market, where people like me pick them up at a big discount. After bringing home my ... read more →

Unchaining the EVH Flanger Pedal

I used a Boss BF-2 flanger pedal for years.  It’s a great pedal, especially if you can find one of the older Japanese-made models.  But it could never really do that over-the-top sound from Van Halen’s Unchained.  Eddie used an older MXR flanger pedal on that classic riff, and Dun... read more →