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One device to rule them all… The timeline reads from left to right (obviously), and spans about 10-12 years. I couldn’t find my original Palm Pilot Personal. It would have sat to the left of the Visor.  I also don’t show any of my original Windows CE devices, like the Philips Velo.  And I... read more →

John Pearse Guitar Strings

When I got my new Breedlove guitar last year, I ordered my usual set of Thomastik-Infeld strings from JustStrings.com (my favorite place to buy strings). Unfortunately, the brand that works so well on my electrics and older acoustics didn’t sound right at all on the Breedlove. The normally soft an... read more →

iPhone Suck-O-Meter Update

I posted an update to the (amazing!) Suck-O-Meter [suckometeriphone, suckometer] app for the iPhone.  Just head to http://www.suckometer.com using Safari, or visit Apple’s Web Apps site.  It will auto-detect your iPhone or iPod Touch, and you’ll soon have a greater awareness of the number of... read more →

9100A IP Video Server

I have a DIY video security system at the house. It uses a Linux box with two video capture cards connected to two security cameras. The Linux box runs an app called motion [motionrpm, motion] that will capture images and videos when motion is detected in a video frame. It works extremely well, exce... read more →

Loving Linux: Reason #384

The 7 year old boot drive in my Linux box crapped out, so I decided to remove it and boot from the secondary (better) drive. If you're clever, you can reassign mounts in /etc/fstab, update /etc/lilo.conf, run lilo -r /dev/sdxxx, and boot without problems from the new drive. I'm not that clever, so ... read more →

Tucano WorkOut Laptop Bag

With the iPhone replacing my iPod, cel phone, PDA, and camera (for casual use), and with my switch from older, clunky laptops to the svelt MacBook Air, I decided to downsize my laptop bag / briefcase. My previous bag was pretty small to begin with, but it couldn't beat the slim and lightweight 1... read more →

Suck-O-Meter for the iPhone

Due to overwhelming lack of demand, the Suck-O-Meter is now available for the iPhone! Just head to www.suckometer.com with your iPhone or iPod Touch, and the Suck-O-Meter will launch automatically. Using a proprietary algorithm that takes advantage of the unique capabilities of the iPhone, the Suck... read more →

Guitar Rig Circa 2001

My Guitar Rigs [guitarrig1992, guitarrig2001, guitarrig1987] I put this rig together over several years, culminating around 2001. I was considering a new half-stack or combo amp, but couldn't find the right combo of preamp, reverb, and speakers, so I cobbled together some racks to suit my taste... read more →

Miter Saw Laser Guide

I love my old Delta Compound Miter saw. I have a fairly basic model, but it does what it is designed to do: make straight cuts at measured angles. But with basic saws you do miss out on some cool features of more expensive models. Like laser guides, for instance. I usually make a pretty accurate ... read more →