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This blog runs on Blosxom [WikiPedia], the now-antique simple CGI script created by Rael Dornfest [WikiPedia] at the beginning of the 21st century. There are far better blogging solutions out there today, but for a hobby blog, Blosxom is fun to tinker with.

I use a number of Blosxom plugins, many of which I've highly customized at this point, and a couple that were written by me.

  • entries_template
  • entries_cache
  • hide
  • prefs
  • pagetype
  • allentries - Written by me, shows every entry on the blog
  • meta
  • Markdown
  • blacklist
  • breadcrumbs
  • flavourdir
  • paginate_simple
  • tiki
  • wikieditish
  • writeback - Heavily modified with a fun captcha, but now deprecated in favor of Disqus
  • wbnotify
  • cyclz
  • interpolate_fancy
  • redirectif_noflavour
  • firstimg - Written by me, grabs a URL to the first image in a story (used for story thumbnails)
  • wikiwordish
  • ampfix
  • google_highlight
  • smilefie
  • atomfeed
  • nixie
  • gsitemap
  • gzip
  • plain_text
  • sidewordz
  • twitter_markup - Written by me, interpolates usernames and hashtags in tweets
  • make_snippet - Written by me, allows "snippet" entries to have a body with no title

I publish to the blog in a variety of ways, and use Markdown, Tiki, or good 'ole HTML for markup. When I'm using Windows, I like using Windows Live Writer (now Open Live Writer). Thanks to this patch and a little customization and debugging, I use the blosxom_xmlrpc.cgi script to allow publishing from anything that supports Moveable Type.

Tweets and Instagram pictures are imported via IFTTT.com. And I'm experimenting with "snippets" [macossierrafontcorruption, googleapplenewsapps, modernphonecalls, badaudio-macossierra, ios10keyboardtriggers, kurocalibration, macbookpro-touchbar, windows10imac, ios-lowbandwidthmode, vcso-ios, foscam-plugin, iosnightshift], short, 280 character blog entries with no titles or images.

I use Disqus for the comments system.

Some stories have links to Amazon.com. This is mainly to use pictures from Amazon - I don't generate any meaningful referral revenue for this site, nor desire to.

The site design was built atop a responsive HTML5 boilerplate generated by Initializr. Source code highlighting is handled by highlight.js.

The character is my Xbox Live avatar, and is pulled from xbox.com on-the-fly.

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